Wayamba Salterns PLC
Situated at the very Southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is one of the most
beautiful islands in the world. Blessed with sunshine through most of the year, it boasts of beaches of unparallel beauty, salubrious climate and magnificent vistas.
One of the most important jewels of our Mother Lanka’s crown is her salterns that are spread right round the island, producing solar salt of the highest quality. Salt as we know it has been with man since the day he became civilized, eating prepared food. Without Salt, no food or drink will taste the same now that we have come to know Salt!
Sri Lanka consumes approximately 150,000 metric tonnes of Salt per annum out of which
120,000 metric tonnes go for human consumption. Due to insufficient local production, between 10,000 to 40,000 metric tonnes of salt are imported each year. Being the most uniformly consumed food additive known to
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