The Kingdom of Raigam

The mother company Raigam Marketing Services (Pvt.) Limited was founded in 1996 by the present Chairman and CEO with a few of his closest friends while attending the University of Sri Jayawardenepura. The saga of the Kingdom of Raigam that started with the investment of USD 25,000 has now reached many milestones. Today it is a well-spread out group of companies with its distribution network covering almost all parts of the country. Starting with the manufacture of Soya Meat (TVP), its diversification program has seen it branch out to the manufacture of salt, biscuits, sanitary towels, cosmetics and ayurvedic preparations. Glancing through their financial record shows monetary rewards their sensible fiscal policies have gained. The product diversification has ensured that they will be a force to reckon with in any economic scenario.
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Puttalam Salt Ltd

The experience gained in making such a resounding success out of Raigam has served the Raigam management well in guiding the Puttalam Salt Limited (Formerly The Salt Corporation of Sri Lanka) out of their financial rut and reach financial prosperity in a very short time indeed after taking control of 30% of shares of PSL. Now PSL is one of the most financially strong companies having a very high profit ratio compared to the turn over. PSL is now the second largest manufacturer of Salt after Hambantota salterns offering to the customer iodated crystal and table salt of highest quality in various consumer packs.

Raigam Eastern Salt co. Ltd

Our next site at Periya Karachchi in Kuchchaveli, to be built under our sister company Eastern Salt Ltd, will be the largest single Saltern in Sri Lanka. With an extent of 1805 acres, on completion this will produce enough Salt to eliminate the need to import salt to Sri Lanka. Established in June 2009, Raigam Eastern Salt Co. (Pvt) Ltd is a BOI approved company. Situated in Kuchchaveli, Trincomalee, approximately 300 kilometres from Colombo, Kuchchaveli saltern will be the largest single saltern in the island. In the second phase of its development programme it is envisaged to put up a salt purification and iodization plant. Next stage will be the establishment of Chemical Plant to manufacture Chloro-alkalai chemicals. A tourism project is on the board to be developed hand in hand with the on-going saltern development programme.