As part of our Social Welfare, we have taken steps to donate houses to the people affected by the recent tsunami. Montessori schools have been established where those facilities have been lacking. We have improved the existing Montessori’s of the areas by providing financial assistance to employ teachers to carry on these institutions. Human Resource Development has been another area of accomplishment. Our personnel have been provided with training facilities in house as well as outside, affording the employees chance to better themselves and facilitating their career advancement.


Quality of a finished product is only as good as the raw materials put in to manufacture it. One of the cardinal rules at Raigam is to ensure only the best possible raw materials go in to the production of our products. Our efforts to provide the consumer with the highest quality product have been recognized by being awarded the ISO 9001:2008. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence is further encouraged by the tremendous consumer trust that ahs been built round all Raigam Products. The latest technology, state of the art machinery and dedicated personnel ensure that Raigam products will stand the test of time.

Economic Responsibility

The development of all these salterns will ensure that salt imports are minimized and then eliminated. The eradication of Salt imports will ensure the conservation of foreign exchange which may be used for some other development work of the country. Increase in the production of Salt will also ensure that common man will be able to buy salt at affordable prices. Out strategically situated salterns will assure that the consumer will not have to pay undue transport allowance as he does now for salt transported from afar.


We have been lauded by all the right thinking people for undertaking the project to re-plant mangrove in the Wanathawilluwa area in Puttalam District. Here the areas that are affected by our project are being re-habilitated by replanting mangroves with the help and guidance of the Cost Conservation Department of the Ministry of Fishery. This will lead to increase in bird activity in the area by providing resting places for migratory birds. The mangrove also will provide breeding ground for prawn as well as fish life. These will conversely ameliorate the livelihood of the fisher folk of the area.