High quality, iodated Crystal Salt, in consumer packs as well in bulk form is offered to the consumers at very reasonable price. The packing can be varied to meet individual requirement.

Iodated, free flow Table Salt is available in consumer packs as well as in bulk. As this part of the world turns slowly but surely from Crystal Salt to Table Salt, the demand for Table Salt is bound to increase and steps have been taken to meet this increase in demand.

Pure Vacuum Dried Salt, product of the new Vacuum Salt plants planned for Puttalam saltern- PVD Salt, as it is commonly known - is mostly used for specialized purposes such as in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Fertilizer Salt, the residue brine, after the common Salt is harvested, is very rich in magnesium and potassium Salts and is sought after for agricultural applications. This is left to dry in special beds to be collected after water is totally evaporated by sun and wind.

Salt contaminated by mud, shells, extraneous matter and sand – Agri-salt - is collected and dried, to be sold to coconut, rubber, banana and pine-apple plantations as manure.

Special grades of Salt - Industrial Salt - are used in the textile, paint and tanning industries. Each application asks for different grades of Salt which we are very happy to offer.

Mineral Water

The by-product in the Vacuum Salt production, Mineral water will be most welcome in these areas which are basically arid. The water in the few available wells for drinking purposes gives out water with brash taste. So pure mineral water will be a god sent gift to these parched areas.

Industrial Chemicals

Caustic Soda is one of the main allied products in the Chlorine production chain, Caustic Soda which is currently imported to Sri Lanka, is the base for many industrial products such as manufacture of pulp and paper, soap and detergents. Elimination of the import of Caustic Soda will mean a saving in foreign exchange amounting to millions in dollars. Manufacture of Caustic Soda is a specialized process needing specialized production facilities which in turns means that new factories will have to be put up, meaning more jobs will be created.