Chemical Plant

Our first chemical plant to manufacture caustic soda, chlorine, soda ash and other chloro-alkali chemicals will be established in Puttalam district. These chemicals are the main stay in the pain, soap, tanning, Pulp, paper and detergent industries. As all these chemicals are imported at present, the saving in foreign exchange will be huge when these chemicals are manufactured locally.


Most salterns are situated in locations that are not usually encountered by or accessible to common man. Nevertheless, these locations have an appeal that are peculiar to them, with vast expanses of salt forming ponds, ponds with algae and artemia inviting birds for free meals and heaps of Salt covered by cadjans or woven coconut branches. Very few get a chance to witness traditional Salt harvesting process. All this will be made in to a very acceptable tourism package to be marketed to people, turning away from the tedious beaten path, looking that extraordinary, unusual, out of the way experience that you don’t experience often.

Coupled with elephant watching (Tangalle), bird watching (Tangalle, and Wanathawilluwa), hiking (Tangalle, and Wanathawilluwa) and angling (Tangalle); nature tourism has tremendous potential waiting to be developed, to go hand in hand with development of salterns. We have planned to develop the tourism segment of the project in conjunction with the proposed development of the Kalpitiya Tourism Zone by the Government.

Refining & Iodization

Vacuum Salt Plant – Palaviya coupled with Mineral Water Plant, it will use up all the waste salt from all our factories by dissolving and using for evaporation from all. The resulting product – PVD Salt – is 99.90% pure Sodium Chloride suitable for specialized applications. Presently PVD Salt is imported to Sri Lanka.

The first refinery and iodization plant in the island was set up in Palaviya by Raigam Wayamba the present location. It has a capacity of refining and iodating 05 metric tonnes of Salt per hour.

Next iodization plant is scheduled to be installed at the Bata-atha Industrial Park where salt manufactured at the adjoining Kunukalliya Lewaya is envisaged to be refined and iodated at this site.